ATS / STULZ CeilAir OHS084DAR Air Cooled Ceiling Mount Horizontal 8 Ton Unit

ATS / STULZ CeilAir OHS084DAR Air Cooled Ceiling Mount Horizontal 8 Ton Unit

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ATS 8 Ton Air Cooled Ceiling Mount Horizontal MODEL:OHS084DAR

 ATS 8 Ton Air Cooled Ceiling Mount Horizontal OHS084DAR
w/ Microprocessor Dual Circuit 460V 3PH R22 H DISCHARGE

Tech Specs: Ceiling Mounted, Dual Circuit, Horizontal Discharge Cooling Only 8 Ton AC Unit. 89,000 BTU

Humidity / Reheat Available + 2,000

Dual Circuit Condenser(w/ low ambient) Available + 3,000

Condition: New Surplus

CeilAiR ceiling A/C's are designed as the ultimate space saver. They easily mount in a standard 2' x 4' grid of a dropped ceiling plenum

and are available with high static blowers (up to 2.0" e.s.p. available) for connection to ceiling plenum ducts. CeilAiR units are especially

useful where there is no floor or wall space available for cooling units or where aesthetics demand out-of-sight installation.

Scroll Compressors

CeilAiR DX air conditioners incorporate Scroll Compressor Technology (unless specified otherwise). Scroll Compressors provide higher efficiency, higher reliability and lower sound power than other compressor technologies.

Selected Standard Features:

• Acoustical / Thermal Insulation

• Aluminum Fin / Copper Tube Coils

• Thermal Expansion Valve

• Refrigerant Sight Glass

• Filter / Drier Strainer

• Liquid Refrigerant Reclaim Valves

• Insulated SS or Polymer Drain Pans

• Condensate Overflow Safety Switch

• High / Low Pressure Switches


The CeilAiR ceiling mounted air conditioner shall be provided with SATS' A-Tech-20 Advanced Microprocessor based Temperature and

Humidity controller with Alarms. The controller shall incorporate a "user-friendly" operating environment, to allow easy system setup

and operation.

Standard Features:

• 4 x 20 character liquid-crystal

alpha-numerical display

• Field Configurable

• 30 Ft. Remote Display Cable

• Unit Mounted T/H Sensor

• Current Unit Status

• Component Run-Time History

• Visual & Audible Alarm Indication

• Summary Alarm Contacts Alarm History

• Remote Stop / Start Connection

• Selectable Automatic or Manual Restart Upon Power Loss

• Sequential Load Activation Upon Power Loss Restart

• Alarm Delay for Space T/H Recovery Upon Power Loss Restart

• Multi-Level Password Security Protection

• Short Cycle Protection

• Cold Start Time Delay

• Pump-Down Cycle

• Service Mode

• Time-Clock with Override

• Night-Setback with Override

Air Cooled Remote Condenser required, NOT INCLUDED