B5SM Series Air Handler for Air Conditioning Model # B5SM-120C (208/3/60) R-410A Refrigerant

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B5SM Series

Air Handler for Air Conditioning or Heat Pumps R-410A Refrigerant

10 Ton Light Commercial System

– 1 Year Limited Parts.
• Cabinet: Fabricated of heavy gauge, pre-painted
Polyurethane coated galvanized steel. Horizontal
mounting hardware is standard on all models, just add
the ½” diameter threaded rod. Removable access panels
are provided on both sides of the cabinet for maintenance
and service. All cabinets shall have minimum 3/4” supply
and return flanges.
• Motor: Motors are 2 HP and operate at 1725 RPM (60
Hz) and are available in single or three phase models.
The adjustable motor mount allows easy belt tensioning
adjustment. A variable pitch motor pulley allows balancing
of the system to the desired CFM. All motors are factory
installed and wired and three phase motors are wired for
460V operation.
• Blowers: All blowers are heavy duty, double inlet,
resiliently mounted, with ball bearings, forward curved
blade, and of centrifugal type. The blower wheel is
dynamically balanced for smooth and quiet operation.
Blowers shall be belt driven with field adjustable pulleys to
permit variations in static pressure and air requirements.