Bell & Gossett # OF-64-4 Heat Exchanger Fluid Cooler Brass Body

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Bell & Gossett Heat Exchanger 4 Pass Brass Body  Model # OF-64-4  
“OF” (STRAIGHT TUBE) HEAT EXCHANGERS “OF” fixed tube sheets having straight tubes of 5 /8" and 3 /4" O.D. are excellent where the heavy fouling fluids are inside tubes and light fouling fluids in the shell. An expansion joint must be used when wide temperature differences exist or abrupt temperature changes occur between tube and shell side fluids

Copper Tubing . 
This unit has a  seamless copper shell and Bonnet Head Design.
Possible Uses
-Oil cooler
-Fresh Water Cooled Marine Engine
-Fluid Cooler. 4 Pass
Type OF Heat Exchanger
Test Pressure 300 PSI/Working Pressure 150PSI, Max Temp. AV. of Tube & Shell Sides 375 F.
See the attached photos for additional information.