Plate 3 of 1908 Vintage Map Brooklyn - Hamilton Ave - Carroll Street - East River +++

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 You are looking at a Vintage Map of Brooklyn dated 1908. Not only is this map over 100 years old, it is printed on original Linen paper.

This came from the Atlas of Brooklyn, City of New York - Volume 1.  This map is from the Actual Survey & Official Plans of 1908.  Civil Engineers: George W. and Walter S. Bromley.  Published by G.W. Bromley and Co.  Located printed: 147 N. Fifth Street Philadelphia.

This posting is for Plate 3 of the Atlas.  The title page is listed being shown for reference & viewing purposes only. 


Areas Covered in this posting (Part of Section 2):


        • East River
        • Hamilton Avenue
        • Court Street
        • 1st ave through 4th ave
        • Amity Street
        • Carroll Street
        • ++ More