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D4-440 CPU, requires external 110-220 VAC power, includes 400mA 24VDC auxiliary device power supply. 22.5K words total memory (15.5K ladder - RAM, UVPROM, or EEPROM memory cartridge required, 7.0K V-memory), RLL/RLLPLUS programming, built-in RS-232C programming port and auxiliary RS-232C/RS-422 port.

CPU for DL405 series PLC
The D4-440 provides a subset of the D4-450’s capabilities.
If you need fast boolean execution, good communications, and complex math or PID isn’t required, this is the CPU for you!
  • Memory: 22.5K words* total (15.5K program (RAM, EPROM or EEPROM), 7.0K data)

  • Programming language: Ladder Logic and SFC (Sequential Flowchart) programming

  • Features:
    - 170 Instructions including math and data manipulation
    - Real time clock/calendar
    - User data is retained for up to 5 years by a built-in (user replaceable) lithium battery

  • Communications: built–in RS232C programming port and auxiliary RS232C/RS422 port

  • Maximum physical I/O capacity: 2.688

  • Supply voltage: Built-in 110/220 VAC power supply with 24VDC/400mA auxiliary power connector (can be used to power field devices)


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