Liebert Deluxe System/3 FE116GUAAM Computer Room 10-Ton capacity Ret. $28,000

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Model FE116GUAAM, Glycol Cooled Module, 10-Ton capacity, down discharge airflow configuration.  Liebert System, Free-cooling coil, energy efficient, data center a.c. unit. Glycol cooled unit with dual semi hermetic compressors, unit was delivered to site, Units were setup, installed, designed as a back-up unit but never put into service. Like New.

Serial N: 71184A

Volts: 460

PH: 3

Hz: 60

Input Amps: 36

Min Supply Circuit Ampacity: 41.8

Max Fuse Or Circuit Breaker Size: 60

Main Fan HP: 2

Volt: 460

PH: 3

HZ: 60

FLA: 3.4

Water Coil Test Pressure: 150

Water Coil Operating Pressure: 150