Luxaire ZW-06N18ATAAA5, Rooftop Pge Unit R-410A, ZU/ZW/ZK SERIES 6-1/2 TON

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ZU/ZW/ZK units are convertible single packages with a common footprint cabinet and common roof curb for all 3 through 12-1/2 ton models. All 6-1/2 through 12-1/2 ton units
have two compressors with independent refrigeration circuits to provide 2 stages of cooling. The units were designed for light commercial applications and can be easily installed on a roof
curb, slab, or frame.
All ZU/ZW/ZK units are self-contained and assembled on rigid full perimeter base rails allowing for 3-way forklift access and overhead rigging. Every unit is completely charged, wired,
piped, and tested at the factory to provide a quick and easy field installation.
All units are convertible between side and down airflow. Independent economizer designs are used on side and down discharge applications, as well as all tonnage sizes.
Units are available in the following configurations: cooling only, cooling with electric heat, cooling with gas heat, reheat with electric heat and reheat with gas heat.